Beauty Too, Is in the Ear of the Beholder

This particular effort was created with larger bits and pieces scrounged from my recycled metals supplier and presented to him as a gift in hopes that I could interrupt their busy routine on a more regular basis in order to source more material. Apparently it worked. Although not as elegant, intricate or polished as my usual fare, this industrial themed number was my first foray into the vertical, tubular chimes and much to my surprise, it imparted an unexpected rich and resounding tone. More to come.

Regards, Gary


The Chimes They Are A-changin’

Having spent so many years in advertising with a suppressed yearning to vent my creativity in a personal manner, I suppose I could have delved into the pastels or perhaps oils. But why only satisfy one sensorial passion when capable of expressing two, or even three. Hence, audible sculptures in the guise of chimes. They not only beg to be viewed but beckon to be touched and will respond to such inquisitiveness with melodic allure. No two look or sound alike. You can satisfy two senses by clicking below or, for the optimum effect, you can fully experience the entire collection at my Corktown studio.

Regards, Gary

Mystical Powers? Energizing? Chimes? Who knew!

Considered a symbol of good fortune in Roman times, chimes called “tintinnabulum” were hung in gardens and porticoes to provide protective powers from evil entities.
In India, during the second century and later in China, small wind bells were hung under the corners of the rooves of pagodas, temples, palaces and homes to frighten away lurking evil spirits and to attract benevolent ones.
Presently in Asia, wind chimes are commonly used to maximize the flow of chi, or life's energy, and are a sensory element in the practice Feng Shui.
Now I won’t promise any of my chimes are capable of the benefits as listed above, but I will absolutely guarantee each of them to elicit a smile, a sense of fascination and a compliment.
Regards, Gary