For the Eccentric, Electric Eclectic

For those with a taste for the eclectic and original, I present my first wall hanging pendant lamp. Entirely comprised of brass elements, upon close inspection you’ll discover a decorative Far Eastern incense turret, an Italian wall canopy, an arched bracket from a French fixture, a solid brass, late 1800’s pulley, actual vintage cloth-covered wiring, a bakelite palm switch and matching wall plug. With sufficient wire to hang from 10ft. above the floor, it comes with a solid rubber wedge to hold the unit at any desired height. Like all my creations, you are assured that there’s only one in the world. This fixture would make a totally unique holiday gift. I will mail anywhere but please inform me in advance of the destination to get an accurate cost for shipment. Regards, Gary

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Luminosity Curiosity

Atypical of the customary light fixture fare is this art deco pendant entirely fabricated from recycled, repurposed, vintage  lamp components. Created atop a 20’s alabaster globe with a  hand-painted floral arrangement on the interior surface, its flattering glow accentuates its surroundings with a soft, candle-like warmth. Previously part of another fixture, the large inverted funnel, as luck would have it, positioned perfectly between the suspension studs of the globe. The hand-burnished, bronze patina finish lends a flattering contrast to the alabaster and the addition of crystal prisms provides a further touch of individuality to this reborn original, one-of-a-kind hanging lamp.
Its dimensions are 13" wide by a depth of 22" (33.02cm x 55.88cm) and it comes with a generous length of similarly finished chain and matching canopy. Approximate weight is 8lbs. Ships anywhere in the world.
Regards, Gary

 COMING SOON. An entirely original and unique hanging wall-mount fixture made from an incense burner.

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Full Steam Ahead!

Expanding the style range, this unusual pendant piece is a definite departure from any of my previously created fixtures. Strictly fabricated to be a light source and void of any audible décor, it’s comprised of elements from a vintage pot light, a floor lamp’s filigree base, a chromed ceiling mount fixture, chromed ring from a chandelier and numerous other items. It is atypically entirely silver and brushed metallic in finish and constructed in the steampunk style. Suitable for residential or commercial venues alike, it comes replete with a generous length of chromed chain and matching canopy. It is approximately 11" in depth and 13" wide.
For more information or a studio visit, just call.  416 422-4690 
Regards, Gary

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Flip the Light Fantastic

I am continuously amazed at the persistent role coincidence plays in my life - and it’s effect on my art is no exception. Recently, at the suggestion of many valued opinions, I made the decision to adapt electric or votive lighting into the fabrication of my pieces. Within a matter of days, at a spot in my building designated for discarded items, sat a cardboard box containing an old light fixture comprised of over 100 crystal prisms. Since then, two other lots of crystals have magically come my way. Merely think... and thou shalt receive. 
So, at the behest of serendipity, I present my first combination of chimes and electrically lit chandelier in the steampunk style. Previously a mere chime but a relatively simple adaptation, this fixture has been additionally adorned with crystal prisms and chandelier bulbs... and is admittedly, more appealing - and now, even more so, one-of-a-kind. For more information or to visit the studio, please call 416 422-4690.

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