And Then There Was Light... 

After many suggestions and minimal debate, the logical next step in the evolution of these sculptures was to enhance their functionality with the addition of lighting... either by votives and/or electricity. The accompanying photos feature my first endeavour. This piece is my typical assemblage of vintage brass lamp components, although void of the usual audible chime elements, but embellished instead with teardrop light bulbs and 4 dozen crystal prisms. The elegant glass vessel protruding from the bottom of the fixture is actually a lab flask which, by exquisite coincidence, snugged perfectly into its bell-shaped brass pendant. 

The piece appears reminiscent of a fixture one might find suspended from the dining room ceiling of a Jules Verne submarine and could potentially be categorized as “steampunk”. But I’ll leave that interpretation to the eye of the beholder.

This unit can be illuminated by either incandescent or LED bulbs depending on your choice of intensity and comes replete with a generous length of chain and a ceiling mount fixture. Like every piece I create, there’s only one in the world. There are however, many other unique pieces in the works which I will be featuring in short order. Meanwhile, if you’d like to personally view the collection or if you require further detail or information just call. 416 422-4690

Rescued from the Wreck of Jules Verne’s Submarine (not really)