Luminosity Curiosity

Atypical of the customary light fixture fare is this art deco pendant entirely fabricated from recycled, repurposed, vintage  lamp components. Created atop a 20’s alabaster globe with a  hand-painted floral arrangement on the interior surface, its flattering glow accentuates its surroundings with a soft, candle-like warmth. Previously part of another fixture, the large inverted funnel, as luck would have it, positioned perfectly between the suspension studs of the globe. The hand-burnished, bronze patina finish lends a flattering contrast to the alabaster and the addition of crystal prisms provides a further touch of individuality to this reborn original, one-of-a-kind hanging lamp.
Its dimensions are 13" wide by a depth of 22" (33.02cm x 55.88cm) and it comes with a generous length of similarly finished chain and matching canopy. Approximate weight is 8lbs. Ships anywhere in the world.
Regards, Gary

 COMING SOON. An entirely original and unique hanging wall-mount fixture made from an incense burner.

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