And Now For Something Competely Different

This particular piece is a departure from the norm in that it is comprised totally of objects collected on dog walks along the Lake Ontario shoreline. It is also different in that all of the bits and pieces (with the exception of the newer minimal shiny parts) are worn and/or rusted due to many years of being subjected to to the vagaries of time, wind and water. Inexplicably, I have found over eighty (80) metal spoons in the same area some of which are vintage, leading me to believe there was a factory or a hotel nearby at one time or another. None-the-less, they have a wonderful chime to them. This one you can hang outside as it’s not like it’ll get tarnished or anything.
If you’d like to see and hear the entire collection, feel free to get in touch and we can set up a convenient time to visit the studio. 426 422-4690.
Regards, Gary