Fresh Off the Workbench

This collection is the culmination of two favourite pastimes - the pleasure derived from scavenging for odd, shiny metal bits (I’m sure I was a crow in a previous life) and the enjoyment of constructing something new from objects that would otherwise be discarded. Each one is comprised primarily of recycled vintage electric lamp parts and embellished with anything else metallic that has a pleasant ring to it when in collision with accompanying objects - automobiles obviously excepted. These pieces could be classed as “chimes” but their melodic tones seem rivaled by their visual presence and have therefore fallen under the freshly coined moniker of “hanging sound sculptures”. No two are alike.
Due to their intentional delicacy they are best displayed indoors rather than out, although there are a few exceptions. They have a tendency to become a focus of attention, will emit a symphony of lustrous tones when gently nudged and are guaranteed to stimulate a conversation. New ones always in the making - feel free to call and make arrangements to view them all at my studio located in Corktown in the King and River Streets area. Lots to see… and hear. 416 422-4690.
Regards, Gary