Some Kids Never Grow Up

As a kid I can remember asking for, and being given, a broken family clock - my sole intention to pull it apart to see what literally made it tick. Aside from the fascination of discovering all the gears, bits and pieces, I also discovered that what is easily dismantled isn’t necessarily so easily put back together.
As an avid disciple of the path of least resistance (actually a thin disguise of the easiest way out) I’ve since discovered the joy of taking totally unrelated thingamabobs and whatsits and creatively recycling them to make something entirely new - not only in a mechanical sense but also in its intended purpose - the sculpture below being my shiniest example. Comprised primarily of a ceiling fixture, on examination you’ll recognize an inverted hanging lamp body, a candlestick base, some computer rings, 24 house keys, a fireplace ornament, some chain, other bits of metallic paraphernalia and an assortment of engraving guides, most pieces of polished brass and all of which contribute to a delicate melodic chime when set in motion. It may be one of many but it’s one of a kind. If you’d like to visit my Corktown studio to see and hear them all, feel free to call to set up an appointment. Life may have taken the boy out of childhood but it has obviously yet to take the childhood out of the boy.
Regards, Gary