Under Construction

This past weekend was the last opportunity to source materials at Aberfoyle’s famous Outdoor Antique Market before they boarded up for the winter. Having survived 3 hours of sleet, numerous retreats to the truck to thaw out and plunking down in a puddle on market restaurant chair (the open window just above it should have been a giveaway), I arrived home chilled and soaked but nonetheless flushed with excitement and umpteen new shiny bits and pieces of recent antiquity with which to fabricate new sculptures. I now have 7 new works under construction and thought it might be of interest to show some prior to completion. You’ll note that I have ventured into new territory with the creation of several with a more contemporary theme which handily illustrates my ability to customize to clients’ requirements. Keep an eye out for updates as I’ll feature them as each is completed. Prices on request.
Regards, Gary